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We are a leading player in the freight shipping and container transportation arena in Canada. You can rely on us to get your important cargo safely to your choice of destination. We have truck drayage to take care of short distance hauling. We serve a wide range of industries in Canada that require different forms of transportation.

We will take complete care of the first mile or the last mile as per your requirements. We plan and ensure your container is delivered on time if it’s going to truck, rail or sea. Our service is comprehensive and includes picking up or delivering containers - both loaded and empty. We deliver containers to your customer's premises or factories or your specified locations.

Reliable delivery at all times:
Your goods and containers are important. We provide real time tracking options so you can get a snapshot view and keep a track of your containers on the move. We hold relevant certifications and permits to handle your containers and its goods so that it moves efficiently for on-time delivery.

  • Import and Export
  • Referigerated Containers
  • In-bond Containers
  • Storage facility

Our Container Transport Capabilities include:

  • Real time tracking of your shipments
  • Packing and shipping adhering to legal and safety requirements
  • Expertise in packing, crating and unpacking services
  • Timely delivery and pickup times
  • Direct contact with truck drivers in a 24x7 basis.
  • Temperature control trucks available as per requirements.
  • Warehouse storage options available

Import and Export

We are proud to be able to offer comprehensive, flexible and cost effective solutions for large volumes of containers for import and export purposes. Whether you have a single shipment or multiple ones, our service is top notch and our dedicated teams will work round the clock to track all your containers.

Our Import/Export services include the following:

  • Delivery of import containers from terminals in Canada
  • Scheduling of all rail reservations in advance of your shipment arrival
  • Daily monitoring of import and their arrivals to other terminals
  • Optimal and strategic planning of pickup and delivery of full container loads and proper scheduling the return of empty containers.
  • We provide 'High Security Bolt' Seals for Export Shipments

Refrigerated Containers

Ravcartage offers an end-to-end solution for storage and transportation of refrigerated containers. Our expert drivers are trained in transportation of refrigerated goods and know about monitoring and doing needful procedures in transit. We have Genset chassis trucks to take care of refrigeration. We also provide storage options for refrigerated containers.

In-Bond Containers

We offer transportation of bonded goods. Our teams are well trained in preparing all required documentation for US deliveries - A8A forms, ACE submission and ACI manifest and other documents for crossing the border.

Storage Facility

We also have storage solutions for refrigerated and in-bond containers of all sizes. We have strategic partnerships to help our customers save money on storage fees for import containers. Storage facility is totally fenced along with video surveillance and security guards. A comprehensive insurance policy assures that your containers are safe.

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